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New Jersey Family Law / Divorce Law

My law office offers a free consultation for all divorce and family law matters. Divorcing from your spouse in New Jersey involves many legal issues and the process can be an emotionally draining experience, which carries significant life changing and financial consequences for you, your spouse and your children.

The complexities of the legal process can leave you vulnerable to impulsive decision making and/or exposed to the disingenuous litigation strategy of your spouse and their attorney.  Your divorce will get the individual attention it requires and that it needs from me in order to achieve the result you want. With so many factors that can negatively impact your life you must have an attorney that can successfully guide you through the mine field of divorce and act as a voice of reason.  I will work tirelessly and zealously on your case and intensely prepare it for all Court proceedings.

NJ Divorce proceedings involve personally significant issues that intimately affect your life such as legal and physical custody of children, child support, parenting time, alimony, equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, division of pension benefits through a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), domestic violence, and counsel fees.

Even at the beginning stages of divorce proceedings, it is customary and usual for one party to file a motion seeking Pendente Lite relief, which seeks to maintain the status quo by ordering one party to pay the other temporary spousal support and temporary child support. The Pendente Lite order also includes temporary custodial arrangements and a parenting time schedule. Your children and your finances are personal issues that must be handled properly and effectively during your divorce. The financial consequences of divorces carry significant financial consequences for all parties, whether they are paying alimony or if they are receiving alimony. It is my goal to obtain the best possible result for my clients in their divorce while minimizing the emotional and financial pain associated with it.

The termination of a marriage is not an easy process because it involves your children and almost every aspect of your life. I put my knowledge of the law and my years of experience to achieve the results you want. Many times divorces can be resolved through mediation without having to first file a complaint for divorce. Mediation can be a speedy and cost-effective alternative to a formal divorce proceeding in Court. When it comes to your children, you want to do everything possible to protect them, to provide for their future needs, to avoid disrupting the parent-child bond, and causing them any emotional problems.  Child custody, parenting time and child support issues are often litigated in divorce proceedings that can cause anguish and hurt feelings.

I will guide you through every step of the process to make sure you understand your rights and to achieve the optimal result. Your divorce should end with the opportunity for you to successfully start the next chapter in your life without being weighed down by the results of your divorce settlement and/or judgment.

Domestic violence is a traumatic event. It can result in personal injuries and/or dire psychological consequences to the victim. Similarly, being falsely or wrongfully accused of domestic violence carries significant consequences if a Court determines you have committed the same. It is a difficult proceeding for all parties involved, which is why you need legal advice to answer your questions and why you need a zealous advocate to represent you properly at the hearing.

In the event you are considering having a pre-nuptial agreement prepared or if you are considering signing a pre-nuptial agreement, you must take advantage of consulting with my law firm to make sure that the contemplated agreement is properly prepared so it can be comprehensive and detailed to accurately reflect the desired result should the marriage end in

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