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NJ Real Estate Transactions

The Law Offices of Marc B. Schram offers a free consultation to all prospective clients regarding their real estate transaction(s) in New Jersey. I am a solo practitioner, which means that I am the only attorney in my law firm that will handle your closing. Your real estate transaction will get the individual attention that it requires and which it deserves.

I am devoted to handling your real estate transaction and representing you effectively through the closing. I deeply and genuinely care about you and your matter. I always work diligently to achieve a successful result. I am available 24/7 to answer your questions, concerns and worries about your case by scheduling an appointment in my law office to talk with me face to face or by communicating with me via telephone or by email. Your phone calls and emails will be responded to by me personally on the same day of their receipt.

If you are buying or selling a single-family house, a condominium, a townhouse, a unit in a 55-and-over development or a commercial piece of real estate, you have come to the right attorney because for most people the purchase or sale of real estate is one of the most important and largest financial transactions in their life. You need a lawyer that is fully experienced in real estate law and one that can explain all the complexities involved in a real estate transaction that you can easily understand. You need a lawyer that will represent you effectively and will not disappoint your expectations. You must have a lawyer to protect your rights and interests in the real estate that is either being purchased or sold.

Whether you are buying or selling real estate in New Jersey, it is of utmost importance that the title to the real estate is clear of any and all liens, mortgages, encumbrances or other clouds. I have been practicing real estate law in the State of New Jersey since 1985. During that time I have handled hundreds of real estate transactions.

When you hire my law firm to represent you, I will personally be with you every step of the way including the negotiation of the real estate contract’s terms and conditions, handling the results of the home inspection and resolving all issues arising from it, examining the title binder and clearing any and all title issues, communicating with your mortgage company regarding any and all outstanding issues and, where appropriate, obtaining a mortgage payoff statement, fully explaining in easy to understand terms all of the documents that your mortgage company requires you to sign in order to close on your mortgage, explaining all of financial line items included in the closing disclosure statement, ALTA statement, HUD-1 statement, fully explaining the Deed, and personally appearing at the closing with you.

The law firm of Marc B. Schram, P.C. will be your invaluable resource if you are buying, selling, financing or leasing real estate. I provide expert legal representation whether you’re involved in complex or simple real estate transactions. I have extensive experience handling real estate litigation before the New Jersey Superior Court and before Municipal Land Use Boards involving problems such as residential housing issues, home improvement disputes, housing code violations, zoning violations and related issues, land use issues, easement disputes, subdivisions, real estate property tax issues, etc.

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